Techvaria can Simplify Human Resource Management with Zoho’s Award-Winning HR Software

Zoho People is built to streamline and accelerate your HR processes plus help you attract and retain talent. Most notably, it transforms HR management, which can sometimes become a tedious affair, into an enjoyable experience. Our resident consultants can assist your HR team by providing them with a collaborative environment where employees and managers help each other out, data is constantly updated, and redundancy is eliminated. The app can assist your business with running performance appraisal cycles to complete reviews in a systematic way. It also offers features such as goal setting and tracking, 360-degree feedback, self-appraisal, and performance analytics to boot.

Zoho One for Human Resources

Find new talent

Zoho One empowers your HR team with a powerful set of tools to help find new employees and retain them.

Fill Openings

Create openings and post them to job boards.

Resume Parsing

Automatically turn submitted resumes into searchable candidate records.


Schedule interviews with candidates and hiring managers.

Create Offer Letters

Create and send offer letters for digital signatures.

Onboard and Empower Employees

Onboard Employees

Get new employees started faster with an automated onboarding process.

Create Policies

Create HR policies and get those documents signed digitally.

Track Time

Manage time sheets and track attendance.

Performance Reviews

Administer and save performance reviews.

Create a Collaborative Culture